FAQ Hawaii conducts executive-level interviews for clients among business executives in Hawaii. Interviewers conducting these surveys are highly professional and experienced. FAQ Hawaii also does appointment-setting for executive-level interviews.


FAQ Hawaii’s focus group services include recruiting (either from a client’s list or through random-digit-dialing), qualifying, and scheduling focus group participants. We also reserve and set up meeting facilities and provide hostesses for the groups. We can record, videotape and transcribe group discussions.


FAQ Hawaii conducts intercept surveys among Hawaii residents as well as with visitors from the mainland U.S. and Japan. Interviewers conducting surveys among Japanese visitors are bilingual, with Japanese being their native language; they are required to read, speak and write in Japanese (hiragana, katakana and kanji levels). FAQ Hawaii works with a translation company in Japan to have the questionnaire translated from English to Japanese. Once the translation is completed, the questionnaire is reversed-translated back to English to ensure that the survey has been accurately translated. Interviewing can be conducted at the airport with departing visitors or at different locations such as retail outlets and visitor attractions.


FAQ Hawaii conducts mail surveys with customers of clients doing business in Hawaii. Clients provide a database of their customers and their mailing addresses that they want surveyed and FAQ Hawaii will work with a printing/mailing company to print and mail the surveys. The questionnaires are usually sent with a letter of introduction on the client’s letterhead and a postage-paid FAQ Hawaii business reply envelope is provided for the customers to mail back the survey. To increase response rate, FAQ Hawaii will send out at least two additional mailings to those who have not completed the surveys within a specific time frame. Once received, FAQ Hawaii will edit/code, keypunch, process the data, produce cross-tabulations, analyze the data and present the findings in a written report.


FAQ Hawaii conducts mystery shops for all types of businesses in Hawaii. FAQ Hawaii maintains a staff of mystery shoppers who are able to do various types of secret shops in person for retail shops, financial institutions, fast food restaurants, automobile dealerships, timeshare properties, and supermarkets. FAQ Hawaii also conducts mystery shops over the telephone to evaluate customer service.


FAQ Hawaii has its own CATI-equipped call center and conducts telephone interviews in all 50 states plus Guam and Japan. FAQ Hawaii works with a national sampling company that specializes in computer-generated random-digit dialing (rdd) sample. FAQ Hawaii provides superior training, monitoring and supervision of its interviewing staff (see Call Center web page for more information).


FAQ Hawaii conducts web-based surveys over the internet. FAQ Hawaii can program a survey and respondents may access the survey through FAQ Hawaii’s website to administer the survey. Data collected from the website are then processed and analyzed. Findings are presented in both written and tabular formats.



FAQ Hawaii has an experienced coding team that reviews the project data and develops clear categories for organizing opened-end responses. After fielding is completed, our coding experts carefully review the collected data and develop clear, meaningful categories for organizing the responses given to each opened-end question. All responses are then coded into client-approved categories.


When the editing and coding of paper surveys are completed, FAQ Hawaii's data entry personnel keypunches the data using the SPSS data entry program. The data entry program provides for double-entry (verification) to ensure that the keypunching of data is accurate.


FAQ Hawaii's data processing staff can produce any type of table to meet the needs of specific research projects. If you require banners, marginals, cross tabulations or any special request, let our staff know exactly what you need and we will make it work. Our data tabulation specialists can provide clients with any dataset files required including dbf, SPSS, Excel, ASCII and many others.


FAQ Hawaii's CATI specialists program all questionnaires into our computer system precisely to client specifications. Our programmers are conversant with Sawtooth Ci3 (Windows) CATI software.

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